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22 November 2006

Types of Coffee Roasts

Home coffee roasters are becoming quite popular. Cuppers definitely recommend the home roasting of green coffee beans as an excellent way to get the taste you desire; whether it's a dark roast, light roast or Vienna roast.

Coffee Roasts Explained

Dark Roast Coffee: sometimes called Full City Coffee Roast, Viennese Coffee Roast, Dark French Coffee Roast, Spanish Coffee Roast, and Italian Coffee Roast.

* Black in color, but still very shiny and oily
* It has a slight burnt flavor.
* If the green coffee beans turn to dry, non-oily, black, charcoal-like coffee beans they are simply burnt and the coffee will taste exceedingly acidic.

French Roast Coffee:

* Dark brown in color, oily and less shiny than dark roasts.

Medium Dark Roast Coffee: sometimes called City Coffee Roast or Dark Coffee Roast.

* Dark brown color and slightly oily coffee
* A popular flavor with cuppers since the flavor isn't as burnt as dark roast. Cuppers believe this is the true taste of the coffee bean.

Medium Coffee Roast: sometimes called Half City Roasts.

* Rich brown color similar in color to the midpoint between dark and milk chocolate.

Light Coffee Roast: sometimes called American Coffee Roast or Cinnamon Coffee Roast.

* Light brown in color, similar to milk chocolate


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