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09 November 2006

Hamilton Beach Coffee Makers

Hamilton Beach Coffee Makers have really come up in the world. They have a range called Eclectrics made of metal, fantastic colors and names reminiscent of nail polish. These Hamilton Beach machines have a style and pizzazz beyond compare. It's about time coffee maker companies decided to “think outside the coffee can” and do something unique. Kudos!

Just over 100 years ago, Louis Hamilton and Chester Beach created groundbreaking appliances. Hamilton was the advertising manager for United States Standard Electrical Works in Racine, Wisconsin. He met Beach, who liked tinkering with mechanisms, at work and together they started their own small appliance company. It began with a universal electric motor and in 1911, started their spindle drink mixer to make malted milkshakes. Hamilton Beach has really come a long way since 1904.

In 1990, NAACO merges its Proctor Silex subsidiary with Hamilton Beach. Hamilton Beach was owned by Glen Dimplex of Ireland. Currently NAACO owns 80 percent and Hamilton Beach owns 20 percent. NAACO stands for North American Coal Corporation, which dates back to 1913. In 2001, its kitchen collection opened a chain of stores called Gadgets & More. NAACO has subsidarys in all different areas like Hyster and Yale as NAACO's Materials Handling Group.

Hamilton Beach also makes coffee percolators, coffee grinders, coffee urns, drink mixers, food choppers, griddles, ice shavers, ice cream makers, slow cookers, toasters and many other home small appliances. Its kitchen tools section includes bakeware, cookware, barbecue tools, cutlery and gadgets. Hamilton Beach makes a line of True Air products, which include air purifiers, odor eliminators, humidifiers and allergen reducers. It also has a commercial line including: hotel coffee makers, alarm clocks, irons and hairdryers, plus glass washers, drink mixers, citrus juicers and commercial coffee equipment.

If you have any reviews or comments on the Hamilton Beach Coffee Makers please send me the scoop and I'll post it on this site.


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