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05 February 2008

Obtaining the most flavor from your coffe bean

The taste of the kaffeebohne begins with the work and the climate in which it grew. But which happens with the beans out again, to it poured into your cup has also a quantity to do with the taste and the extent that you the final result or disappointment experiences.

Roasted - which functions it
Roast the kaffeebohnen brings alive the taste of the beans. The warmth from the process that causes the coffee bean's coal hydrates and fats for transformation in aromatic oils.
Roasted changes the taste of the beans from something, that the marvelous coffee taste is unpleasant in that millions of humans in the whole world enjoy each day. There is also different roasting times that kaffeebohnen experience.

Everyone produces another kind of coffee. Light roast produces a light taste - central roast is sweeter and rich, dark roasting and produces a deep taste is rather sweet and spicy.
The longest time produces a darkly really roasting coffee. In the beans and caramelize, which to complete and smoky taste, begin to char the natural sugar content of the beans.
The purchase of the best kaffeebohnen The unmistakable taste results
in most coffee plants on the climate of the region, where they are planted, and this into the coffee cherries. For the best beans, those buy Arabica coffee as gourmet. Robusta beans have to make more koffein cheaper, less taste etc.

Their own kaffeemuehle - must People,
which want that into their coffee use the best variant kaffeemuehlen. If you liked the fact that one can profit most taste and naehrwert buys beans and grind to, as you are used your own. Over the full benefit the taste of the coffee, you should grind only the amount, which you intend, briefly before the brewing process.

Hold for the fresh kaffeebohnen
For the best taste you should purchase only beans of specialist shops. After you their purchase, the whole beans should be used within one week to purchase, the benefit over the full taste of the coffee. Coffee beans are like sponges, a switches the taste of something in their environment, which is the reason, why you want, guarantee you that use them in a locked container and hermetic within seven to ten days.
Coffee also advise against drunkards to purchase husbands since pre loops reduce the coffee taste and flavour. With the purchase, coffee bean, loops of the fresh beans and only you drink enough that you immediately prepare a beautiful, intense taste and flavour. It was not for a long time ago that humans had to depend percolators and husbands. Hardly someone had its own mill, and only few humans had their own coffee machine.
Percolators were for the church potluck or in the local coffee shop. Today we are to have spoiled, the best available kaffeebohnen at a favourable price. In many kitchens there is a Roester, or at least a mill and a coffee machine, and often a coffee machine. This is a great time in history for coffee lovers everywhere.

23 February 2007

Mix caramel coffee ?

just drink coffee but then to think...is it possible to mix my coffee with cream..then..hmm..slurrp..wow !!

its delicious too, I think....then I found where is the taste different...hahhaahaha..finally I found the different taste in my coffee, my mom has been a mixed with a little bit caramel in my coffee with cream, now I satisfied to enjoy drinking coffee.

01 February 2007

Coffee Carafes

Coffee carafes keep your coffee hot for hours, but I’m sure you already knew that. Don’t you just love sitting in the garden, sipping coffee and then pouring more and more and more from the carafe until it turns twilight ?

There are thermal carafes and glass carafes, which come with your coffee maker; they are sometimes called coffee pots. There are thermos’ (they are called flasks in the UK), which should be airtight to disallow spills. Then there’s coffee carafes, which are insulated and most have a button to squeeze and pour. The benefit to thermos’ and the latter coffee carafe method is you can decant the coffee right after its brewed and the coffee does not cool right away, nor does the coffee burn.

Thermal Coffee Carafes:

* If you are going to use a coffee carafe I have one major piece of advice. Do not add your cream or milk into the carafe. It is hard to get the sludge out around the top of the inner lip. Plus, the cream/milk is heavier and will separate in the coffee carafe. What I do is use a second carafe (like the “condiment counter” at Starbucks) and put the cream in there to stay cool.
* They are great to use anywhere inside your house or in the garden (or take to the neighbors).
* Do not take them in the car. Some are not leak-proof and have to be upright at all times. If you are going somewhere take a thermos or a travel mug.
* Get one the size that you will use

Replacement Coffee Carafes for your coffee maker:

* Make sure you have the right make and model before you order a new coffee carafe. Some brands have over 15 models and the carafes may be different sizes.
* Make sure you get the correct color. Some coffee machines come in black and white and some in funkified colors.
* If you are clumsy, see if you can order two at a time for a reduced cost.
* Check prices online by clicking the links above.

By the way, I once had a friend call a carafe a charaf…I laughed so hard my face hurt for days

30 January 2007

Coffee Urns

Where would I like my ashes to go when I die? Perhaps, a disused coffee urn or thrown into a coffee mug made in pottery class or even ground with my burr grinder into your coffee bit-by-bit.

Well, I guess a coffee urn needn't sound so somber afterall. A coffee urn is a coffee maker which can make enough coffee to feed a small army. You always see them at church socials and other places. I have to be honest and say, if you are going to make coffee in an urn ensure you are ready to serve the coffee. When I was a waitress, ok server if I'm going to be politically correct, we would set the urn up in advance and about ½ an hour before it was going to be served we would turn it on. You must serve it right away because most coffee urn machines are still boiling the water making the coffee taste faulty, sour and burnt.

Coffee urns generally are filled with water, a huge strainer-type filter is placed on a pole (pole is hollow and runs from center of the base) at the top. The water heats and is either sucked up the pole or boils over the filter and mixed together (with the filter holding in grounds).

Things to look for when purchasing a coffee urn:

* Ensure there is an on and off switch on the front of the coffee urn. Some do not have switches at all and the urn itself is so large that getting to the outlet, when it is full of water, can be daunting.
* Coffee urns can come anywhere from 30 cups to 65 cups. Do your homework and remember they generally take a long time to brew the more you make.
* Coffee urns still require the same amount of coffee. If you are using the small office coffee or restaurant coffee packages ensure you throw in one extra packet. The coffee grounds do not always saturate evenly.
* The coffee urn is hard to clean and will not fit in an average sink to rinse out. If you have a hose it may be better to spray the heck out of it.
* Always put the lid on, most machines will not work without the lid, but trust me, some older machines will spray everywhere.
* Cord length. I have seen many people rent coffee urns to set-up in their kitchen at Christmas. However, the counter space is too small to fit the coffee urn under the cupboards. The host wants the guests to be able to help themselves and wants to use the coffee next to the buffet except.she doesn't have an extension cord and the coffee urn cord will not reach the outlet. Oh my, it turns to complete mayhem.
* Always brew your coffee about ½ an hour before you would like to serve it. It takes a long time and doing it too far ahead of time will burn it and make it taste awful.

If you're in the market for a coffee urn click on the links above to start your search. Remember the above points and for goodness sake, invite me to your shindig. I'll bring the coffee and the coffee urn

22 January 2007

Espresso Cups

Espresso cups are the cutest thing next to kittens. Look at them….mini cups, tiny little bundles of cuteness. Another name for these little beauties is the demitasse cup. They hold one to two ounces of espresso. Speaking of espresso, did you know that an espresso roast has less caffeine than other roasts?

One of the tricks to a great-tasting cup of espresso is to warm the espresso cup first. Many espresso machines have warmers built-in on the top. I quite like the sexy Bodum espresso machine, which has a dome to keep the espresso cups hot.

Most espresso cup shapes are similar. It is just the materials which are different in their construction. It is generally not tulip-shaped like wine glasses, but cylindrical shaped, so it gives an even whole flavor and keeps the heat regular. It also allows you to see the crema in its finest form.

The stainless steel espresso cups keep the heat in perfectly. They look snazzy, are easy to clean and are well worth the investment. You can also get them in an espresso service. Porcelain espresso cups look pretty and elitist, but they really don’t keep the heat in. You need a thick walled cup to get the benefit.

There are many designs of espresso cups with just about anything on them. You can get magical flower espresso cups or kitten espresso cups and Illy makes fantastic designs. I could easily become a collector of espresso cups. So many designs, so little time.

If you are like me and don’t do your dishes everyday and the espresso cups and saucers are laden with coffee glommage stains you can do many things to get them to sparkle again. The best thing to do is to soak it in Polident, makes the cups sparkle like new.

Although, espresso is made for sipping I like to do cups like shooters to get that kick start we all need after a night of knitting. I have many espresso cups and espresso spoons and they are great for kids tea parties

15 January 2007

Personalized Travel Mugs

Imagine this…waking up every morning to my, the Coffee Bean Queen, photo on your personalized coffee mug! How could your day start any better? What a way to wake up in the morning.

Anyone can put anything on a coffee mug! You can put logos, pictures, photographs, words…just about anything. You can tell a lot about a person by their coffee mug:

* Do they have a trendy Starbucks mug? Then they are into brand names.
* Is it a photo of their kid? Then they are a family person.
* Do they have mugs with company logos? Then they are likely cheap and got it free…lol!
* I have a whole personalized mug collection, 50 in all, of my cats. They make me smile and the photos I chose each show their unique personalities. Does that say I’m a cat person?

Just think about it, personalized coffee mugs can make your personality known. It can always help you get revenge. I had a friend once who somehow got a picture of her husband kissing another woman. Instead of having the argument, she got the picture put on a mug, packed her husbands suitcase and when he came down for the morning she handed him his personalized coffee mug and kicked him out of the house. He stood there dumbfounded till he took a sip. Evil, but effective.

People I knew once got a wedding gift of personalized coffee mugs. They had photos on the mugs of the bride and groom. The best part was there were 10 mugs in all of all different stages of their lives. From babies on, what a trip down memory lane and great conversation pieces.

12 January 2007

Travel Mugs

The best place to get a travel mug is at trade shows where they give away swag. I can honestly say I have never purchased my own travel mug. I never really leave the house very much these days, but people always give me theirs or I ask to borrow one and never give it back.

Being that I am not the neatest person in the world, a slob actually, I find that often I leave the coffee in the travel mug for days, sometimes weeks, till it grows moldy and I throw it out. If I took care of my things I may dish out for one of those travel mugs which plug into your cigarette lighter in your car. I’ll wait to borrow one from my friends for now.

There are many types of travel mugs:

* Plastic dollar store travel mug varieties, which don’t keep the coffee warm
* Thermal stainless steel travel mug varieties
* Some travel mugs have handles, some do not
* Some fit into your car cup holder, others do not
* Travel mugs also can have a bright polycarb (plastic) outside in a rainbow of colors.
* You can even design your own logo and get custom coffee travel mugs made
* Some hold enough for one cup and others can handle two or more. The trend right now seems to be the 16 oz to 18 oz variety

There are many kinds of travel mug lids. I prefer the thumb slide lid. It is easy, spills are unlikely and it keeps the heat in my stainless steel, vacuum mug. Then there’s the travel mug lids that look like the tops of the kids “sippy cups.” I’ve used those before and when driving on the highway, taking a turn, it has swooshed all over my seats. There are many, many other types

10 January 2007

Coffee Mugs

Millions of coffee mugs everywhere and all seem exceedingly unique. When you open your cupboard at home or at work you very rarely see a set of matching coffee mugs. I have loads and loads of coffee mugs at my house. I have some packed away in boxes because they were sentimental 50 years ago. I think we all have an overabundance of coffee mugs. I don’t know about you, but I have one or two favorite mugs and the rest collect dust, unless someone pops in (which isn’t very usual). Give the unwanted ones away to the Salvation Army, let them go free and let someone else enjoy them… or if you hate coffee mugs smash them on the ground and use the shards in your plant pots or… I daren’t say it!

So, where do coffee mugs originate from? Well, think about it. When hot water first came on the market, after fire, I bet some doughhead tried to hold the boiling water in their hands (cup-like) till they received scalding 3rd degree burns.

Enter the Beaker People. The Beaker people loved their mugs, aka “Beakers”, so much that they were buried with them as prestige items. So, who were these Beaker People? If you’re thinking about the Muppets you are completely off base by thousands of years. It began in Bronze Age Europe, 2500 BC – 700 BC. A Beaker burial is a single crouched inhumation, found in a bowl-shaped or bell-shaped mound-type grave, with prestige goods like a highly decorated pot, called a beaker. As, the Bronze Age People began farming, and did not travel like the hunter-gatherers by the preceding Neolithic People, Archaeologists have regionalized the beakers by it’s distinctive markings, since the same patterns were usually found in proximity to one another. Beakers were characteristically bell-shaped with trendy markings for its era, like rope markings, braided markings and a series of cross-hatching.

Other items of prestige buried with the inhumations in a beaker grave include: flint arrowheads, bronze daggers, copper daggers, awls, basket-shaped earrings and discs of gold, barbed and tanged arrowheads, stone bracers, battle axes and shale conical buttons etc.

Could you imagine the trouble the Archaeologists would have in this era trying to pinpoint a common thread among us. My favorite coffee mug has Ned Flanders from the Simpsons on it, my second favorite I think I stole from somewhere and it’s logo is some type of business. The Archaeologist, we’ll call him Dr. Creighton, would probably find Simpson coffee mugs all over the world. Creighton may hypothesize that everyone with a Simpson coffee mug must have come from the same region, likely Hollywood, and migrated in some fashion. Who knows. The point is nowadays a coffee mug is something we don’t really think of, I think we still have our prestigious favorites, but I don’t know about you, but I would never want to be buried with mine.

08 January 2007

Coffee Service

So, the King of Canada is coming for tea, but you do not have any…what do you do? You could try soda or give him a glass of milk, but I think that would be in poor taste. What you could do is ask him to drink coffee. Get out your best coffee service and wow the pants off him. Honestly though, if the King of Canada is coming to your house for tea you have two problems…you’re out of tea and you are lazy – just go out and get some - and if the King of Canada shows up on your door you are delusional. There is no King of Canada, they have a Prime Minister.

A coffee service generally includes 8 cups, 8 saucers, a coffee carafe, a cream pitcher and a sugar bowl. It can be made from pottery, china or stainless steel. A proper coffee service must match and sometimes it includes sandwich plates.

Office Coffee Service

There is another type of coffee service and it is basically having coffee delivered to the office. Office coffee is very important for employee productivity. If you do not have coffee, staff go out to get some losing work time and staff may become tired and have that lack luster business etiquette.

There are a few types of coffee services available:

* Some coffee service companies provide the coffee maker, service the coffee maker and deliver coffee in all its various forms, whether its liquid coffee or coffee packets. Generally, you need a contract.
* Some coffee companies only deliver coffee and you have to get your own coffee machine.
* Some coffee companies also provide all of your vend products, including pop machines etc. These type of coffee services can be expensive if you buy the equipment outright or you can negotiate for a trial, see if it is worth the investment first and then cut a deal with the coffee service provider.

22 December 2006

Coffee Accessories A.K.A. Coffee Gear

If you’ve been reading this site at all you’ve realized what a great experience coffee can be. From the green coffee beans to the home coffee roaster, what could be more fun. I really know a good time when I see one. One of my cats, The Ancient Cat, says I am the most fun person she has ever met. Another one of my cats, Alo says I party down! Bring on the coffee, I say.

However, if you have coffee and nothing to hold it in you may be burned severely from holding the coffee in your hand clasped cup. If you don’t like being burned then you need some coffee accessories also known as coffee gear.

Coffee gear means coffee mugs. Your coffee mugs really tell a lot about you.

* On my last date 5 years ago, holong had a mug with a koala bear on it. Trust me, the man was slow as molasses and always had a vacant stare.
* Another time, I was at Aunt Shappies for dinner and she had an amazing, pristine sterling silver coffee service. That woman was loaded and she left me her favorite cat, charlie. charlie's a real delight when he’s not ripping his claws into my skin. Aunt Shappie brought the coffee service out on a coffee cart. The coffee cart was squeaky, but it sure was handy.
* Cousin Ferelyth is a barrel of fun. Sometimes, when we play lawn darts she brings out the coffee carafe, so the coffee stays warm, when we are in a drawn out neck and neck battle.
* Tap dancing Traci sometimes has her tap buddies over after the big tap-out. She serves her coffee in a coffee urn. It is pretty, stays warm and pours out from the bottom spout. Sometimes it is messy, because people let it drip on the floor. Traci doesn’t have a cat, so it just stays there till the next time. I tell her to get a cat so the little darling would lick it up.
* Coffee spoons are cool too. I have the coolest, which I picked up in KL, Malaysia. They actually have Bishops on them. Cool eh?
* Then there’s the cute little espresso cups. My cats drink out of them. My guests always like it when I serve them espresso in the tiny espresso cups and no one has found a cat hair in the crema yet. Plus, there’s the tiny espresso spoons, which double as… nah…can’t tell you.

There are all kinds of other coffee accessories, I have lots and borrow others from friends. Sometimes you can find a real gem at the flea market. I don’t like the coffee tins they have there, but like I said, sometimes you can get really cool coffee gear there.
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