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13 November 2006

Krups Coffee Makers

Now we talk about the Krups, Krups has an excellent name in the coffee maker world. It is known for its well-made coffee makers and espresso makers. In fact, one of its senior people left to start his own company called Capresso, which produces high-end coffee makers and espresso machines.

Krups has been around since 1846 and was founded by German, Robert Krups. It began with his precision rotary and spring scales. About 1950, Krups decided to venture into another area and was one of the first companies to create the electric coffee grinder. During the 1960's, Krups began making the 3Mix; a blender - type mixer and in 1961 Krups began making the home coffee machine (Krups T8) and the espresso machine. In the 80's Krups began a niche market with the technologically advanced espresso machines with the influence of Italy. The fully automatic Krups Orchestra expert espresso maker was born and also a steam pressure espresso machine for novices.

Now the Krups brand continues it strength as part of the Groupe SEB, a world leader in small domestic equipment. The group includes: Moulinex, Rowenta, SEB, Tefal, All-clad, Arno, Calor. SEB distributes its brands to 120 countries.

The only issue I have with Krups products is the name of the model numbers: Krups 619-70, Krups FMF4-14 and Krups FME4. There are many other Krups coffee makers and espresso makers to choose from, but I have only chosen a few to review. I ever owned a Krupps coffee maker when I lived in the Malaysia. It worked great until someone dropped the glass carafe on the floor, so I had to do without for a few weeks. Thank goodness for the internet though, it's so easy to get replacement parts and you can shop around for price. I'd definitely buy another Krups coffee maker.


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