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20 November 2006

Commercial Coffee Makers

Commercial coffee makers can be the restaurant type coffee makers or can even be used for office coffee. Many offices try and save a few dollars by buying cheap home use coffee makers, unfortunately these coffee machines don't hold up and eventually produce coffee which is inferior in flavor.

* Does the commercial coffee maker need to be attached to a water supply?
* Does the coffee maker have an internal water filtration system or do you have to purchase an additional water filter supply?
* How long does it take to brew?
* Is there a rest period between brews in order for the water to heat up?
* What temperature does the water get to? About 205 degrees F is recommended.
* Is the commercial coffeemaker designed to be energy efficient?
* How often does the coffee maker have to be cleaned?
* How many people will be drinking the coffee? Will the coffee turn stale or burnt if left for awhile? If you are concerned about this, your best bet is to purchase a commercial coffee maker with thermal carafes as opposed to one with a warming plate. Warming plates keep cooking the coffee resulting in a burnt, bitter taste.
* For simplicity, would you prefer liquid coffee machines, so there is no time lost by employees making coffee. Liquid coffee makers just require you to push a button.
* The size of the machine is important. Will it fit in your space? Does it have to be on the kitchen counter next to the water tap (plumbing areas)? Will all mugs fit under the drip spout or do the coffee mugs have to be a certain height? Do you have to pour water in the top of the machine requiring extra space?
* Check the warranty and service package. Will the service techs come to your workplace or do you have to send it away for repair?

In my experience, bad coffee at work equals bad work performance. Staff running out to the nearest coffee shop to get the better quality stuff and if they can’t run out then you are left with tired and grumpy staff. It’s reminiscent of that study everyone has heard of, where the employer changes to decaf coffee unknowingly and suddenly staff start coming in late, leaving early, work productivity declines etc.

If you are an employer, do yourself a favor. Buy good quality coffee and a commercial coffee maker which can keep coffee warm without burning it. The initial cost may be higher, but keeping your staff happy (and awake) will pay dividends in the long run. You don’t need to purchase an espresso machine, although that would be nice, but just a good quality commercial coffee maker and your staff will appreciate it.


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