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28 November 2006

Green Coffee Beans

Green coffee beans are berries from the Arabica plant or robusta plant, which have been processed for roasting. Coffee aficionados would never call the green coffee beans, “beans” since they are actually twin seeds of a plant; much like the cherry. We'll call them beans for all extensive purposes.

Green coffee beans go through a vast processing system before they reach the customer. There are two main coffee bean processes:

The most popular method for processing green coffee beans:

* The coffee fruit is red and is picked as it ripens.
* The coffee plant's fruit is stripped down to a pulp and all the debris is removed.
* The beans are fermented to remove the pulp.
* The beans are dried and the peanut-like skin is stripped;
* The fruit is now a green coffee bean.

The alternate method for processing green coffee beans:

* The coffee's fruit, leaves, twigs, undesirable unripe fruit and sometimes insects and dirt are thrown to the ground.
* The mélange is left to dry and is stripped, revealing the green coffee bean.
* Resulting in a completely different taste due to the addition of other material. The coffee may taste may be like compost.

Another interesting fact to consider.coffee trees are grown between the Tropic of Cancer & The Tropic of Capricorn (perhaps, Henry Miller was drinking coffee when he wrote those books).

In North America, it is becoming trendy to not only buy whole beans, but to home roast the green coffee beans as well. Home coffee roasters are decreasing in price and green coffee beans can be ordered online or at a local coffee house.


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