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19 October 2006

Clean your Coffee Maker

It’s important to clean your coffee maker to get the correct coffee bean taste because bitter, stale oil gloms onto the glass, meta and plastics parts.

You may think I’m off my rocker, but the best thing to clean out your coffee maker is Polident – I kid you not. Removes stains a treat; it also doubles as a great cleaner for stained wine glasses. Its effervescence gently removes stains and other coffee glommage and it is, obviously, completely safe incase of ingestion.

Or use a detergent, like Tide, and soak 3 to 5 tablespoons with hot water, for cleaning your coffee maker. You must ensure you rinse it well. Before consuming any coffee from it ensure you run water through it, many times. Then give the first cup to your secret enemy and watch to see if they come out ok after the cleaning of your coffee maker experience.

If you have calcium stains in your coffee maker add one part vinegar to two parts hot water and soak to decalcify it. I do this about once a month anyway, even with the charcoal filter in my Cuisinart.

There are many commercial coffee maker cleaners to use. I personally have not tried any, but I hear they work well. About once a year I do put CLR through my coffee maker to clean it, but I spend a lot of time rinsing. I usually do it on a Sunday because that way I don’t have to be grouchy at work and I can nap all day.

To clean the exterior of your machine, read the manufacturer’s instructions. Some kitchen cleaners work fantastically, but it may also wipe off the brand name etc.
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