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13 October 2006

Coffee recipee : Gourmet Coffee

hey all, I've just got some information regarding the subject for you, as follow,

if you like coffee and you think to yourself, “What else can I do with the black gold?” The best alternative option for coffee is alcoholic coffee drinks, the “special coffee” drinks like cafe au lait or even coffee cake. Coffee cake is good when real coffee is added as it blends the sweetness of cake with the dynamic roast of coffee. Chocolate covered coffee beans are also addictive and my, my, my are they fantastic!

this recipe must try with a quick list of coffee recipes for you to try at home. If there are any coffee delights you have tried . I’d be happy to add them and even happier to try them, plus we’ll give you your own byline and if you invent something maybe even name it after you. Oh, imagine the caffeine-coated fame and glory.
Quick Coffee Recipes

* Cafe Latte: 1 shot espresso with steamed or frothed milk 1:3
* Cafe au Lait: 1 shot of coffee to 1 shot of milk
* Cappuccino: equal parts espresso with steamed, or frothed, milk
* Americana: 1 shot espresso & hot water (6-8 oz)
* Cafe Moca/ Moccaccino: cappuccino or café latte with chocolate syrup
* Espresso con Panna: Espresso with whipped cream
* Macchiato: espresso with milk foam on the top, served in espresso cup
* Cafe Breva: cappuccino with half and half

Alcoholic Coffee Recipes
Sometimes known as Specialty Coffees, in some there parts.

I haven’t included the measurements here because the best way to experience these fantastic coffee tastes is to experiment; like when you were in your Grade 12 chemistry class (without the frogs and sulfur).

* A Winer’s Coffee: Muscadet wine blended with a dash of sugar, coffee, cinnamon and orange peel.
* Irish Coffee that clicks its heels: Irish blended whiskey, coffee, pizza (no, not pizza…just trying to see if you’re paying attention), brown sugar and whipped cream. Rim the mug with sugar and sprinkle the whipped bundle of love with chocolate crumbles.
* The Gabitous: Baileys, Crème de Menthe and Crème de Cacao with a splash of coffee, in a tall glass, rimmed with sugar and filled with ice. The odd maraschino cherry or paper umbrella wouldn’t go amiss here.
* N’Orleans Coffee: Coffee, cognac, Benedictine, cloves and sugar.
* The Nelmes: Thick Turkish coffee layered with cream and dashed with Baileys. Use a glass, pour ingredients individually on a spoon to get colored layers and drizzle with Brown Cow chocolate syrup. Sprinkles are good too.
* Starbuck’s Coffee Liquor: It isn’t sold in Starbuck’s only in places licensed to sell alcohol. Just drink it neat or on the rocks. Or throw it into a Starbuck’er: Dry vermouth and Starbuck’s coffee liquor…it’s rejolting!
* The Anna Bella Martini: 1 shot of classic Italian espresso, 1 shot of Godiva liquor, 2 shots of chilled vodka… Shake with ice and decorate with a few floating chocolate covered coffee beans…Bellissimo!
* Your Own Ratamatazz: Blend coffee with a few of these alcoholic beverages for a nice winter warm-up. Serve it cool over ice, blend with cream and wowee…good and fun.

Creme de Cacao
Creme de Menthe
Tia Maria
Jack Daniels
Southern Comfort
and your favorite drink

May’s Coffee Cake Recipe
It doesn’t have to have coffee in it, but it is more of an accompaniment to the real deal. May’s Coffee Cake is to die for and you can replace the walnuts for cherries, blueberries, almonds or chocolate and top with brown sugar blended with cinnamon and butter.

* 1 ½ cup of all-purpose flour
* 1 box of pudding mix (instant… banana is my favorite)
* 1 tbsp of baking powder
* 1/3 cup of butter
* 1 egg
* ¼ cup of sugar
* ½ teaspoon salt
* ½ a cup of walnuts

Beat the butter, sugar and egg. Blend in the flour, salt, baking powder, milk and pudding mix. Ensure the soon to be coffee cake has an even consistency. Stir in walnuts and bake in a loaf tin at 375° F for 20-25 minutes. Cool, pick-off cat hair and eat. Drink with your favorite coffee roast, like Seattle’s Best!

Makes one loaf or 12 muffins.


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