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15 January 2007

Personalized Travel Mugs

Imagine this…waking up every morning to my, the Coffee Bean Queen, photo on your personalized coffee mug! How could your day start any better? What a way to wake up in the morning.

Anyone can put anything on a coffee mug! You can put logos, pictures, photographs, words…just about anything. You can tell a lot about a person by their coffee mug:

* Do they have a trendy Starbucks mug? Then they are into brand names.
* Is it a photo of their kid? Then they are a family person.
* Do they have mugs with company logos? Then they are likely cheap and got it free…lol!
* I have a whole personalized mug collection, 50 in all, of my cats. They make me smile and the photos I chose each show their unique personalities. Does that say I’m a cat person?

Just think about it, personalized coffee mugs can make your personality known. It can always help you get revenge. I had a friend once who somehow got a picture of her husband kissing another woman. Instead of having the argument, she got the picture put on a mug, packed her husbands suitcase and when he came down for the morning she handed him his personalized coffee mug and kicked him out of the house. He stood there dumbfounded till he took a sip. Evil, but effective.

People I knew once got a wedding gift of personalized coffee mugs. They had photos on the mugs of the bride and groom. The best part was there were 10 mugs in all of all different stages of their lives. From babies on, what a trip down memory lane and great conversation pieces.


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